The Instruments
Workshops with LOSIRIS use a variety of percussion instruments, mainly of Brazilian origin. Here are a few of them...

Surdo means 'deaf' in Brazilian Portugese, and these bad boys are the heartbeat of samba baterias. They are played with beaters and produce a deep, booming sound and different sized surdos are used to produce a melodic bass line. Deeply satisfying!

The timba is played with the hands and produces a variety of sounds depending on how you hit it. Definitely one for the extroverts in your group!

Similar to a snare drum the caixa is played with two sticks and provides texture to the sound of the group. Quite technical!

This two tone bell cuts through the sound of all the bigger drums like a knife through butter. It's a lot easier to carry than a surdo too!

Often used by band leaders to call to the rest of the band the repinique can be played either with two bendy plastic sticks or with one wooden stick and your hand. A VERY LOUD drum!

Even though you hold this shaker in your hands to play it you need to get your whole body moving. A high energy instrument that's more of a challenge than you might think.

This small, hand held drum has a high piercing sound that belies its size.  It plays a crucial role in Rio samba where it plays intricate patterns to a galloping rhythm.
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