"The activists and workers involved in the Community Learning Plan (CLP) event in October 2006 were dazzled by the innovative and creative educational workshop provided by Russell Gray. Russell managed to inspire, teach and entertain at least 25 participants with his introduction to Samba Reggae beats, and this was highlighted in their evaluation sheets.  The City of Edinburgh Council (CEC) Community Leaning and Development Section will be certainly be using Russell's services again in as many venues as possible.  The CEC would wish to commend Russell!" - John Player, City of Edinburgh Council, February 2007
From my work with school children in Edinburgh
We would like to say a huge thank you for the amazing 10 weeks we worked with you. Every week was exciting and you were a great teacher. We would love to work with you again.
- Primary 7 class, December 2006
I have had a shot of playing bass drum, timba drums and agogo. ... We normally start our session with games to warm up and I think the best game is 'Bang Bang'. Playing the drums has been fun."
- Primary 4 pupil, June 2006
"My favourite instrument is bass drum because it makes my hand red. ... I needed to listen carefully for ryhthms and look carefully for directions. I think that learning to play the drums has been funcky and cool."
- Primary 4 pupil, May 2006
Russell Gray
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The style of delivery was excellent - relaxed, but clearly moving forward with skills all the time.  Also there was lots of time spent on preparation within the session - good opportunities for participants to learn all the skills they needed through experience before they even picked up an instrument.
- Michael Richardson, West Lothian Youth Theatre, March 2007
It was obvious the group were having a great time and I was impressed with how Russell managed to include everyone from the very youngest upwards, adult learners and workers alike. A number of the group have approached me since the event to mention how much they enjoyed it. I would be delighted to recommend a Losiris workshop to anyone who would like a fun, lively and engaging experience for their group or event.
- Lydia Kerr, Midlothian Council Community Learning and Development, July 2007