Whether you're a voluntary organisation or a merchant bank, a football team or the cast of a panto a drumming workshop can strengthen your group and help you to learn to work effectively together. Learning and playing together needs everyone to listen to each other and to understand the relationship between their own performance and that of the group as a whole, using everybody's creativity and energy to achieve an amazing transformation from absolute beginners to carnival kings! Each part of the group relies on all the others to turn individual sounds into complex musical patterns guaranteed to get toes tapping and smiles on faces.
Russell's involvement with The Big Drum Adventure has honed his skills in working with groups of children, providing an entertaining and educational mix of games and music designed to inspire and make use of all that energy! Whether it's an after school club, a birthday party or as part of a school project looking at Brazil, carnival culture or music in general a workshop is a great way to give kids access to a new and interesting group activity that could be the start of their musical journey.
A LOSIRIS drumming workshop is also a great change of scene where everyday pressures can be left behind and you can unwind by hitting things repeatedly, making some beautiful music in the process. Let Rio come to you and turn a wet Wednesday morning into Mardi Gras, complete with kicking soundtrack and hip shaking rhythms!
For people with physical or learning disabilities drumming offers an excellent opportunity for self expression by paticipating in music making that's all about what you can do rather than what you can't. Russell has extensive experience in supporting people to develop their own abilities and fulfill their potential within a fun and engaging environment where every contribution is valuable and has equal status.
What Can A Drumming Workshop Do For Me?
Russell Gray
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